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- Why Di Amelia?
Umbria, known as the "Green Heart" of Italy, hostsa number of pasta
producers both large and small. In the Town of Amelia, high quality
pasta has been produced since 1888. In 2010 we have decided to take
the name of this town into the world by linking it too it's high
quality, artesian pasta products.
- Why white? The flour used in production of the pasta is selected as among
the best flours available. The flour is higher in gluten, which denotes it's
white coloration and defines the higher quality of the final product.
- Why a long cooking time? Pasta produced with such a higher quality of flour
and gluten needs additional cooking time to bring forth all of its incredible
qualities. Such as the "al dente" bite and superior flavor quality.
To conclude: A few extra minutes of cooking time will enhance your dining
experience of Di Amelia Pasta.